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  • Seeing Our Way to Peace

    Brad Wolfe:  How far must we bend the arc of human life before it breaks? Can we replace our politicians with painters and poets, with people who both see and observe, people who care for strangers, for the scores of soldiers bloody and blinded slogging through mud … Whether it be Presidents Biden or Putin…

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  • The Farther People Are From The Fighting In Ukraine, The More They Oppose Peace Talks

    Caitlin Johnstone: Ordinary Ukrainians on the front lines are divided on a ceasefire and negotiations… “Those most touched by the war, namely the internally displaced, were more likely to prioritise saving lives. Other research reveals that those farthest from the battlefields have the most hawkish attitudes.”… Remember this as you watch armchair warriors and NAFO…

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  • Nuclear War and Moral Sanity

    Robert C. Koehler: Maintaining peace through militarism — us vs. them in which good guy wins and bad guy loses — has gotten blown up in the age of nukes. … Much of Planet Earth is moving beyond this glaringly lethal ignorance, but the most “powerful” nations on the planet remain spiritually underdeveloped. … We need…

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  • How free stores fight waste, connect communities and foster resilience

    JoAnna Haugen: As of May 2022, 58 percent of Americans (approximately 150 million adults) are living paycheck to paycheck. Inflation recently hit a 40-year high, with prices for food, rent, energy, and basic consumer goods increasing by the day … Free stores are exactly what they sound like: Physical places where people can donate items they…

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  • How To Get the War Out of America

    Brad Wolf: When a military begins with the notion that it must confront all problems arising from all locales across the globe, then it develops a global military strategy. … When every conflict or area of instability is perceived as a threat, the world becomes the enemy. … What if such conflicts or instabilities were seen…

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