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  • Why We Need to Keep Our Super Rich ‘Occupied’

    Sam Pizzigati: The notion of taxing America’s fabulously wealthy, big-time, has gone mainstream. … Some just-released research suggests that a healthy share of that credit ought to be going to the activists who gave us, a decade ago, Occupy Wall Street. … The more we see our individual wealthy as part of a hefty wealthy cohort,…

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  • The Gamers’ Uprising Against Wall Street Has Deep Populist Roots

    Ellen Brown: Wall Street still owns the country. Millions of people have been forced out of work, while billionaires have doubled their money in the stock market. But a new generation of “retail” stock market traders is fighting back. … Occupy Wall Street succeeded in raising awareness of the issues and putting a spotlight on the…

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  • GOP Tax Agenda Is a Grave Threat to People in Poverty

    John Bouman: Just as the season of giving takes hold, congressional Republicans are advancing tax legislation at a breakneck pace that would deliver massive giveaways to the ultra-rich at the expense of everyone else. … After driving up the federal deficit by some $1.5 trillion dollars over the next decade to pay for those tax cuts…

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