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  • Sick to Death: Unhealthy Food and Failed Technologies

    Colin Todhunter:  The world is experiencing a micronutrient food and health crisis. Micronutrient deficiency now affects billions of people. … The root of the crisis is due to an increased reliance on ultra processed foods (‘junk food’) and the way that modern food crops are grown… Read here …

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  • Why Not Control All Drug Prices?

    Sonali Kolhatkar:  Major pharmaceutical companies in the United States are battling with Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders over an issue that is at the heart of whether we value human wellbeing over corporate profits. … The U.S. “happens to be the only industrialized nation that doesn’t negotiate” drug prices … Read here …

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  • Big Pharma and Direct-to-Consumer Advertising

    Mickey Z:  Since 1997, the U.S. is one of only two countries (the other being New Zealand) that allows direct-to-consumer (DTC) advertising for health products like medications and procedures. … Keep this in mind: the main purpose of DTC drug advertising is to sell a product, not educate consumers. … About 4,500 FDA-approved medications and…

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  • Study throws new light on impact of Great Depression on human DNA

    Sandipan Talukdar: The findings suggest that the economic recession impacted how people would age, even before they are born. The cells of those who were conceived during the Great Depression show signs of faster ageing … adds to the body of research on how exposure to conditions of hardships like stress and starvation when a baby is…

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