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  • Time for Plan B

    By Editors This is quite a pickle we’ve got ourselves into. The war in Ukraine is more than absurd – it is a sin against the planet. Old Thinking by Old Men Lacking Vision. Here we are with the information that the planet is teetering on the brink of climate devastation and maybe beyond a […]

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  • Can You Handle The Truth?

    By Solon “What else are they lying to us about” … Comedian after smoking marijuana for the first time With this current adventure in Afghanistan in August 2021 with the Taliban apparently taking over the country in mere days, one has to wonder how this happened? Twenty years in country and then collapse. Twenty years almost […]

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  • George Floyd should still be alive

    By Indigenous Environmental Network George Floyd should still be alive. We offer our prayers and solidarity to his family and community. This verdict may not provide any solace, but our continued work, action and prayers will help us move in the right direction. Some may feel that justice has been served in this case but there […]

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