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  • Call of Duty is a Government Psyop: These Documents Prove It

    Alan Macleod: The Call of Duty franchise is an entertainment juggernaut, having sold close to half a billion games since it was launched in 2003. … Yet a closer inspection of Activision Blizzard’s key staff and their connections to state power, as well as details gleaned from documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, reveal […]

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  • Something Amazing You May Not Know About Native Americans

    Milicent Cranor: ‘Beyond amazing’: Navajo Nation’s AG Praises Irish Generosity to Coronavirus Fund … The Irish had donated over $1.5 million to something called the “Navajo & Hopi Families Covid-19 Relief Fund.” Even more amazing was their reason for the donation: It was “in remembrance of Native American aid to Ireland during the Great Hunger … […]

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    Jenny Hocking and Peter Cronau: Queen Elizabeth II of England advised the Governor-General he could overthrow the elected government of Australia – and he did… Thanks to a series of archival declassifications, what has emerged reveals a complex web of deception, collusion, and denial in which the Palace was deeply and undeniably involved… The letters confirmed […]

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