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  • Media Ignore Seymour Hersh Bombshell Report of US Destroying Nord Stream II

    Alan Macleod : It has now been one week since Seymour Hersh published an in-depth report claiming that the Biden administration deliberately blew up the Nord Stream II gas pipeline without Germany’s consent or even knowledge – an operation that began planning long before the Russian invasion of Ukraine. … Hersh – … claims that in June, U.S. Navy divers traveled to the Baltic Sea and attached C4 explosive charges to the pipeline. Read more

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  • Why the Banking System is Breaking Up

    Michael Hudson: The collapses of Silvergate and Silicon Valley Bank are like icebergs calving off from the Antarctic glacier. The financial analogy to the global warming causing this collapse is the rising temperature of interest rates, which spiked last Thursday and Friday to close at 4.60 percent for the U.S. Treasury’s two-year bonds. … Read here.

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  • Eugene V. Debs: The Oppressed Need Justice, Not Charity

    Eugene Debs: Today is Giving Tuesday, so here’s a 1913 article by Eugene V. Debs, never before republished, about why the charity balls of the rich will never deliver justice for the poor. As Debs declared, “What the poor need is that the rich shall get off their backs.” … I feel moved to paraphrase Madame Roland: “O, Charity, what crimes are committed in thy name!” [ Visit website ]

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  • Zhou Enlai’s Posthumous Triumph

    Patrick Lawrence:Nations now fashioning a post–Western world order appear to be abiding by the Five Principles espoused by China’s first and long-serving premier. … Zhou’s Five Principles. All five had to do with how nations should conduct themselves in an emerging era of unprecedented multiplicity: They were mutual respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity, nonaggression, noninterference in […]

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  • America’s unique, enduring gun problem, explained

    Nicole Narea, Li Zhou, and Ian Millhiser:The factors that lead to tragedies like the one in Colorado Springs are deeply ingrained in US politics, culture, and law. … The US has a lot of guns, and more guns means more gun deaths … there were approximately 390 million guns in circulation in the US … The […]

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  • Biden, the National Security State, and Global Arms Sales

    William Hartung: Here’s a seldom commented-upon reality of this century and this moment: the United States remains the number-one arms-exporting nation on the planet …. U.S.-supplied weaponry has also fueled conflicts, enabled human-rights violations, helped destabilize not just individual countries but whole regions, and made it significantly easier for repressive regimes to commit war crimes … […]

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