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Can You Handle The Truth?

By Solon

“What else are they lying to us about” … Comedian after smoking marijuana for the first time

With this current adventure in Afghanistan in August 2021 with the Taliban apparently taking over the country in mere days, one has to wonder how this happened? Twenty years in country and then collapse. Twenty years almost to the day where it all started with September 11, 2021 and the War On Terror. One fact stands out – the American people have been lied to and deceived about this situation. Where is the truth or perhaps the bigger question – how long has this been going on … this misrepresentation of the facts. The lies!

There does not seem to be any connection of Afghanistan or Iraq to September 11. The connections of the perpetrators are to Saudi Arabia. But that is an ally, or is it? And the story of September 11 does not seem to meet the standard of common sense. How could the third building at the Trade Center collapse the same way, straight down, when it was not touched by any plane or any obvious detonation. Strange!

Where did the lies start?

Past Wars
Pearl Harbor: There is some significant data that indicates that the Japanese were maneuvered into the bombing. And later used as guinea pigs in testing out the atomic bomb.

Korea: There are a lot of questions about how and who started this war/police action which are still unresolved. One thing that is true is that the Western Powers prevented unification of the country after WWII. And there are strong indications that the US used biological weapons on North Korea in that war.

Viet Nam : The Gulf of Tonkin incident never happened as described.
But how did that war come about? Why was the initial escalation of this war – the first official action after LBJ was inaugurated coming back from Dallas.

Murders Most Foul
How many believe the story of the JFK assassination? Oswald said – he was a patsy. The evidence runs toward a combination of Allen Dulles/CIA/FBI and local police as being involved. (Also recent analysis confirms that the second shot that hit JFK was from the front.) There are too many inconsistencies to believe the official story and subsequent history shows a troubling pattern.

Martin Luther King: Murder by a lone gunman, similar to Dallas but not quite so neat. William Pepper has written a book showing the cover up and suggests the actual killer and involvement from J Edgar Hoover, The FBI and the Memphis Police. Also years later a jury put together by the King family decided that James Earl Ray (another patsy) was innocent.

Robert Kennedy: Sirhan Sirhan – the lone gunman in a hypnotic trance? One problem with this scenario is that according to the autopsy report Kennedy was shot behind the ear, close enough to leave powder burns and Sirhan was always in front and at least three feet away. And more bullet holes appeared (and covered up) than were possible from the gun belonging to Sirhan.

There seems to be a pattern in these three deaths. Lone gunman. Destruction of evidence. Government involvement. Official investigation without satisfying answers. Cover Up?

There has been massive change in direction as a result of the deaths – for all three men wanted peace. But the result has been wars without end.

One has to ask- Who benefits from wars and murders of leaders? Who benefits from lies? Some of these answers are very obvious. But maybe a bigger question is who suffers and who pays the price for the lies? And to go a step forward – what does one do to change the situation toward getting the truth.

Perhaps one answer is to go back and come to terms with the past. But that may mean opening up a “can of worms”. Still to get to the truth – one has to tell the truth. And to go forward it will be necessary to face harsh facts that show this country and many of its leaders have not just been true or right or honorable.

But as someone said – “The Truth Will Set You Free”.

Is that enough?

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