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  • Contrary to Dominant Folklore, Evidence Indicates that, Like Oswald, John Wilkes Booth Was Part of Wider Conspiracy

    Jeremy Kuzmarov:  Booth appears to have acted as part of a much wider conspiracy involving Lincoln’s Secretary of War, Edwin Stanton, eight other co-conspirators, and more than 70 government officials and businessmen, some of them connected to the Confederate secret service … Read here … —>

  • The Feds Finally Banned the Use of Cyanide Bombs on BLM Lands

    George Wuerthner:  The Biden Administration’s Department of Interior has formally banned M-44 or what are known as cyanide bombs, from 245 million acres of Bureau of Land Management federal lands. … M-44 are spring-loaded ejectors that contain cyanide poison that has been used for decades to kill predators. … Read here … —>

  • Two Kinds of Consciousness

      Martin LeFevre: Autumn comes late and lasts long in northern California, but the leaves are dropping in droves now. Brown leaves are stacked on rocks in the stream, some jutting straight up and looking like little stupas. At the apex of the afternoon, an intense stillness and beauty pervades the streamside. Everything stands still,… —>

  • President John F. Kennedy: His Life and Public Assassination by the CIA

    Edward Curtin: In this dark time, when the world is spinning out of control, the story of his great courage in the face of an assassination he expected, can inspire us to oppose the systemic forces of evil that control the United States and are leading the world into the abyss. … Read here … —>

  • One Thought At a Time

    Martin LeFevre:  A writer recovering from a traumatic brain injury writes: “It’s strange not remembering the moment that changed my life, that altered my work and vocation, that disrupted the me-ness of me.” What on earth does “the me-ness of me” mean? It’s such illogical and circular thinking that one wonders why the leading newspaper… —>

  • 60 Years After JFK’s Death It Is More and More Apparent that Kennedy Was a Victim of a Palace Coup—Spearheaded by Vice-President Johnson

    Jeremy Kuzmarov:  Johnson of course could not have acted alone but must have acted in concert with other key political players who all had their own motives for taking down JFK: namely, a collusion of interests. … Read here … —>

  • The Real and Present Danger of AI

    Martin LeFevre: In the end, as in the beginning of new cultures or technologies, philosophy matters most. The philosophical conflict in the murky world of AI development, over the so-called doomers versus the ‘accelerationists’/commercializers, has spilled out onto the boardroom floors. What does it have to do with the rest of us? The sheer pettiness,… —>

  • Why Has America Tolerated Six Illegitimate GOP Presidents?

    Thom Hartmann:  “Power at any cost” has been the Republican slogan … This has brought us a series of criminal Republican presidents and corrupt Republican Supreme Court justices, who’ve legalized political bribery while devastating voting and civil rights. … Read here … —>

  • Humankind’s Place In the Universe and Lack of Fit On Earth

    Martin LeFevre: The first step in meditation is to end the observer. Sitting beside the stream in town on a magnificent autumn afternoon, a meditative state deepened after the observer/self dissolved in attentiveness. The continuity of thought ended, and with it psychological time ceased. In that state of awareness in which the ‘I’ was not… —>

  • The Power of Human Solidarity

    Cesar Chelala: The tide of anti-Muslim and anti-Jewish sentiment throughout the world, which seems to be on the rise, demands a historical revision of relations between Muslims and Jews. … “What humanity most urgently needs is a change of mindset, a recommitment to the spirituality of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights … Read here… —>

  • What Will “The New Form of Religion” Look Like?

    Martin LeFevre:  Invited to Russia on business as the Soviet Union was collapsing at the beginning of 1990, I was surprised, in the avowedly atheistic USSR, by a question that Russians asked me everywhere I went: “Are you religious?” I gave a terse, truthful response: Religious without a religion. Not speaking the language, my interpreter… —>

  • Why Does The United States Support Israel?

    Ben Norton & Michael Hudson:  Israel is an extension of U.S. geopolitical power in one of the most critically important regions of the world … the United States has tried to dominate this region in order to maintain control not only of energy supplies, but also to ensure these global trade routes that the entire… —>

  • New study finds overwhelming evidence of harms from fracking

    Nicholas Cunningham:  A review of the scientific literature reveals enormous public health, environmental, and climate damage from fracking. … “no rules or regulations can make these practices safe” … Fracking involves the use and release of toxic chemicals and contaminants into the air and water … Read here … —>

  • Spoiler Alert: Homelessness Is a Housing Problem

    Fran Quigley:  Gregg Colburn and Clayton Page Aldern – Homelessness is a Housing Problem … “The evidence is clear that attempting to resolve one’s serious mental illness or substance use conditions in isolation fails to resolve one’s homelessness crisis,” … “Providing housing as a human right, not as a good or a service available to… —>

  • Let’s Restore Armistice Day

    H. Patricia Hynes:  November 11—at the “11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month”—marks 105 years since the World War 1 armistice, which ended the nightmare of the deadliest war in history until then. … a legal holiday “to commemorate with thanksgiving and prayer and exercises designed to perpetuate peace through good will… —>