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  • American State Propaganda: A Thought Experiment

    Caitlin Johnstone:  In one scenario the reporter reports what the government wants because they work for the government, in the other scenario the reporter reports what the government wants because that’s the only way to have a career in media outlets that are owned and controlled by the plutocrats who benefit from the political status… —>

  • Two Kinds of Metaphysical Movement?

    Martin LeFevre:  There was only 20% of rain predicted, but after the mind quieted in passive watchfulness in the backyard, you could feel the imminence of a storm. An hour later it hit, one of the most intense thunderstorms I’ve ever experienced. The lightning didn’t come in jagged streaks, but in global bursts that momentarily… —>

  • What Are We Undertaking To Do?

    Martin LeFevre:  Three perfectly stacked symmetrical domes — a pyramid of cumulus clouds — form in the saddle upcanyon. They dissipate and disappear in a few timeless minutes. I am almost certainly the only one to see them, and in that fact, plus the realization that there will never be another cloud formation exactly like… —>

  • Missionary Strategy for Social Engineering – Purity and Power

    T.P. Wilkinson: the Latin Church remains the model for effective conquest …  In The Art of War (5 BCE), Chinese general, Sun Tzu, explained, “to fight and conquer in all your battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting.” The method of mission is to break the enemy’s… —>

  • Resolve Contradictions, Revere Paradoxes

    Martin LeFevre:  We drove up the hill from sea level in the valley to a loud, fast-flowing stream at about 1500 meters at the end of a mountain road. Parking at the last campsite in an empty campground, we had a splendid view upstream of the surging water cascading over boulders. I walked upstream a… —>

  • The Biggest Threat to Our National Forests? The US Forest Service

    George Wuerthner:  The Forest Service and Forestry School researchers (funded by the Forest Service) continue to promote the idea that our forests are “unhealthy.” … The problem with the Forest Service’s current love affair with chainsaw medicine is that it assumes that anything that kills a tree (except a chainsaw) is undesirable. … Read here… —>

  • A Year of Lying about Nord Stream

    Seymour Hirsch:  The Biden administration has acknowledged neither its responsibility for the pipeline bombing nor the purpose of the sabotage … The Biden administration blew up the pipelines but the action had little to do with winning or stopping the war in Ukraine. … (but) fears in the White House that Germany would waver and… —>

  • War Profiteers Are A Sign Of A Profoundly Sick Society

    Caitlin Johnstone:  War is good for business.  … and it’s expected to get even better … “Governments worldwide are increasing their budget for defense and security under this heightened geopolitical tensions worldwide. … “It is no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society,” … This society has failed as spectacularly as… —>

  • Freeing the Sisyphus Within Us

    Martin LeFevre:  There are different versions of the Greek myth of Sisyphus, and then there is Camus’ essay by the same name, in which he introduces his philosophy of the absurd. The Greek myth that speaks to me the most tells of how Sisyphus enchained the spirit of Death, and that while Death was imprisoned,… —>

  • Conspiracy Theories Fill the Vacuum of an Effective Philosophy of Evil

    Martin LeFevre:  In 1999 I helped get a leading anti-corruption figure from Kenya to a conference in Washington with then Vice-President Al Gore. Afterward I met Edward in Chicago, where we had a meeting with the principals of the Parliament of World’s Religions. Over dinner in the hotel that night, Edward asked, “Who will be… —>

  • The Human Brain Is Exapted For Insight

    Martin LeFevre:  It used to be said of people in the West, “we are all Greeks.” It meant that the creative explosion of the ancient Greek philosophers so stamped the Western mind that all subsequent peoples in Europe, the Americas and Aotearoa were of the same basic way of thinking. That frame of mind led… —>

  • Narratives Or Insight?

    Martin LeFevre:  Philosophical claims urgently need to give way to essential questions. Is direct perception possible, and is it the wellspring of the psychological revolution vital to change the increasingly disastrous course of man? The commonplace idea that all experience is mediated by previous experience, by the memories, images and ‘narratives’ that we bring from… —>

  • Congressman Jamaal Bowman and Black Misleadership

    Margaret Kimberley, Black Agenda Report:  The Black misleadership class are still up to their elbows in performative nonsense and class collaboration politics. They still act against the interests of Black people. … Black elected officials are beholden to the Democratic Party and their corporate, neo-liberal and imperialist interests.  … Read here … —>

  • The More Inner Work You Do, The More You See How Humanity Is Dominated By Narrative

    Caitlin Johnstone:  After a while you start to understand that nobody is seeing reality as it actually is  … what we’re actually perceiving is a bunch of mental stories we’ve formed about the world based on information we’ve taken in through highly distorted perceptual filters based on our conditioning, biases and cognitive habits. … Read… —>

  • 15 Ways to Practice Anarchism

    David S. D’Amato:  1. Really Really Free Markets: … 2. Help your neighbors without homes … 3. Support prisoners. … 4. Local currencies and credit systems … 5. Land repatriation … 6. Protect each other … 7. Mutual aid … 8. Food Not Bombs … Read here … —>