What Is Apple Up To?
By Martin LeFevre:
Jan 3, 2019, 1:23pm

Research into the application of AI to control the masses is being undertaken by the world's largest tech companies, including Apple. If they succeed, human freedom will be destroyed.

An old friend described her daughter's recent foray into Apple recently. 'Margaret,' in her 30's, was a tenured anthropology professor at Stanford. Though she had a good salary, she has an autistic son that requires special schooling, which is very expensive.

Apple reached out to Margaret and made her an astounding offer to teach at Apple University (yes, Apple has its own college). Apple offered her five times her Stanford salary, with a promise that within five years she would be making a million dollars a year.

Though Margaret had the feeling she was selling out bigly, she took the job, as any of us would, and began work. What she does at Apple University research lab involves AI applications, her mother said, but beyond that she doesn't know, adding, "It's all very secretive."

It doesn't take a genius to figure out what they're up to. Essentially, it's about controlling the minds of the masses through AI. It's not very hard to manipulate the minds of the inwardly dead.

Apple, like Facebook and perhaps all the global gargantuans, adhere to the idea that humans are unavoidably conditioned creatures. Better to condition them systematically than the old willy-nilly way by family and society. Of course, the key word here is 'them.'

The self-taught philosopher and scientist Joseph Sadony, who had tremendous insights into the human condition in the first half of the 20th century (and did some unusual work for Teddy Roosevelt), put it succinctly after World War II:

"Ninety per cent of the people in the world today have spent the largest portion of their lives in various stages of self-hypnosis. The production of these states of mind in the people has been the objective of organized efforts on an incredible scale throughout the world. I have witnessed two World Wars that were directly due to states of self-hypnosis induced in masses of people by the organized efforts and propaganda of small groups of men."

The Washington Post reports that "Apple Inc. has exceeded $1 trillion in market capitalization," opining, "Sure, Apple produces innovative phones and laptops, but look inside its sleek exterior and you'll find an elegant financial machine that has become the ideal for corporate America. Without investing significantly in hard assets, Apple spins cash and returns it to shareholders at a stunning rate. It's difficult not to admire." Actually, not so difficult.

It has become a matter of urgent necessity to understand how thought works like a computer, and the computer is a simulacrum of thought. At stake is the future of humanity.

Programming, known as conditioning when applied to humans, is the basic commonality between thought's operation in the brain, and thought's operation in the machine.

Given the overwhelming primacy modern-day humans give to 'higher thought,' and the hubris of high-tech humans dominating and decimating the Earth using thought, it's no wonder that many geeks, scientists and even philosophers speak of according human rights to 'sentient' thought machines.

No matter how advanced computers become, computers will never have the capacity to perceive and act without programming. And that is precisely the capacity and potentiality that human beings possess.

As Joseph Sadony observed nearly 75 years ago, "All hypnosis is fundamentally self-hypnosis. No man has the power to hypnotize another against his will... All that a "hypnotist" is able to do is to contrive by psychological tricks to secure the willingness and cooperation of the subject. The "power" is in the subject, not in the operator; and the success of the operator depends largely upon securing the confidence, complete trust, or fear of the subject."

Mass hypnosis is exactly the project that Facebook to a greater degree, and Apple to a lesser degree have been successfully engaging in for the last decade-plus.

Apple and their ilk take programming/conditioning as a given, and they take self-hypnosis as a given. That gives AI researchers the right, they believe, to control what they secretly see as the masses of asses. They're wrong. The quest for control of people's minds is inherently evil.

Computers, however far 'artificial intelligence' develops, will always be thought machines. And there is no such thing as sentient, self-aware thought. Awareness is a completely distinct capacity from thought.

To continue to grow as human beings, we have to learn how to quiet the mind-as-thought. There is no method however. Ending the observer is the indispensible first step in quieting thought, since the observer is an infinite regress of thought separating itself from itself.

When thought falls silent in undirected attention, there is the beginning of freedom from programming/conditioning, and the ending of control by the few, the select elites who are developing AI for just that purpose.


Martin LeFevre is a contemplative, and non-academic religious and political philosopher. He welcomes dialogue.

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